The Nobel Automotive Group develops complete solutions for fuel lines, from the fuel tank to the engine and for every type of vehicle.

The solutions offered by the group allow for technical and environmental developments: 

  • High proof from hydrocarbons (gas and diesel)
    >> low emissions
  • Compatibility with bio-fuels
  • Compatibility with alcohols
  • Resistance to high pressure and temperature variations (from -40°C to + 160°C)
  • Resistance to shock
  • Flexibility (corrugated structure)


Nobel Automotive offers the advantage of a wide range of combinations of materials and structures: 

  • Smooth or corrugated variable size solutions
  • Hybrid solutions: plastic/metal or plastic/rubber or metal/rubber combinations
  • Lines with over-extruded, woven or knitted reinforcements
  • Suitable connection systems (potted, quick coupling assembly, etc)